The phrase "Time Management" conjures up a picture of lists and methods of prioritizing what you have to do.  But these lists and methods, while important, are tactical rather than strategic.  They are simply a methodology that amounts to nothing more than organizing preset activities. Time Management is the wrong phrase. Put simply, you cannot manage time.  It continues inexorably forward no matter what you do and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  You can't manage time . . . but it can manage you if you allow other people to take control of how you spend it. There are articles laying all this out or you can register for The Time Edge Time Gain 108 workshop

Instead what you can do is change your relationship with time.

The Time Edge is a holistic approach that attacks the “Time Management” problem at a strategic level.  It starts from a different place than traditional "Time Management" by helping you redefine your choices and commitments and encouraging you to take rigorous control of what you allow into your day.  Before you spend any of your valuable time "organizing", you must redefine the concept of "what you have to do".

The Time Edge website contains comprehensive information about how you can change your relationship with time. There are articles describing the five steps in the process:

•    Writing down your Five Year Vision – a high-level description of where you want to be 
•    Creating your Frustration List - things you want to do that you aren't accomplishing 
•    Identifying Platinum Activities - the top three activities that deliver you the most value
•    Determining your Time Opportunity Value - your value when working on Platinum Activities
•    Calculating your Strategic Time Gain - the dollar value of spending time differently   
Once you have gone through these steps, you can start the Time Gain process. You will learn how to separate identification from action and create a “To Don’t List”. This list is a fearless inventory of the things that don’t belong in your day, and serves as an excellent platform to eliminate inappropriate activities from your day.       

Time Gain 108

In this workshop you will create an Edge by taking control of your time and how you spend it. What would 120 extra hours a year be worth to you? If you calculate the value of your CEO time at a modest $350 an hour, that's almost $42,000 a year. In reality it's probably a lot more, as what you do with the extra time could transform your business.

Develop Your Time Edge

Imagine how your business would change if you had more time.  How could the time you gain improve your revenues and profitability? How would it feel if you had time to think strategically, to plan your business to meet your dreams? How would that change your business and your life? How much more successful would you be?

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