The Strategic Edge

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The Four Pillars of Behavior

  • Dominance

    The D is challenge-oriented, competitive, highly active, innovative, and tenacious. They are forceful, decisive, direct and independent - bottom-line driven self-starters who value time and are not content with the status quo.  

    The Time Edge



  • Influence

    The I is expressive, enthusiastic, friendly, demonstrative, and talkative. They are optimistic, creative problem solvers who verbalize articulately Outgoing and empathetic, they want to be liked and trusted and make great team players.

    The Time Edge

  • Steadiness

    The S is methodical, reliable, steady and modest. They are loyal, patient, dependable team players and work hard for the right leader. Calming and stabilizing, they are logical, step-wise thinkers who are good at completing tasks. 

    Edge Business Essentials

  • Compliance

    The C is analytical, exacting, careful, and deliberative. They maintain high standards and are , task oriented objective thinkers. They define, clarify, get information, criticize, test, pay attention to small details, and like to follow the rules. 

    The Alternative Board