The Financial Edge

Many business owners don't use their financial statements properly and they are effectively useless as a management tool. Financial statements that are produced for the IRS rather than to run the business simply don't give the owner timely information about what is really going on.

To address this, Edge has developed a two stage program that reformats your monthly financial information to deliver a management tool that will help you measure your business more effectively and then installs KPIs to provide a monthly summary that you will enable you to identify and address trends proactively.

Financial Statement Review

Many businesses have financial statements that don't help the CEO to manage. They aren't well formatted or designed and don't provide information in a clear manner. Edge's statement review reformats the presentation of financial information to present it in a way that highlights key areas and helps the CEO to manage more effectively.  

Key Performance Indicator Installation

There are a handful of key indicators in every business that reflect the health It is essential that these are tracked and recorded in one place every month so that all the relevant information can be seen together in one place. Edge designs and installs Key Performance Indicator reports that measure your financial performance, track revenue predictors and look at underlying levels of activity so you can quickly and effectively identify trends in your business.  

Develop Your Financial Edge
Both programs are on a fixed rate basis to deliver what we agree so that you will have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you will get and exactly what it will cost.

Contact Steve Davies at 516 208 2810 if you want to develop your Financial Edge and run your business more effectively....and more profitably.

The Four Pillars of Behavior

  • Dominance

    The D is challenge-oriented, competitive, highly active, innovative, and tenacious. They are forceful, decisive, direct and independent - bottom-line driven self-starters who value time and are not content with the status quo.  

    The Time Edge



  • Influence

    The I is expressive, enthusiastic, friendly, demonstrative, and talkative. They are optimistic, creative problem solvers who verbalize articulately Outgoing and empathetic, they want to be liked and trusted and make great team players.

    The Time Edge

  • Steadiness

    The S is methodical, reliable, steady and modest. They are loyal, patient, dependable team players and work hard for the right leader. Calming and stabilizing, they are logical, step-wise thinkers who are good at completing tasks. 

    Edge Business Essentials

  • Compliance

    The C is analytical, exacting, careful, and deliberative. They maintain high standards and are , task oriented objective thinkers. They define, clarify, get information, criticize, test, pay attention to small details, and like to follow the rules. 

    The Alternative Board