The Hiring Edge

Hiring takes time and money, but the biggest cost lies in hiring the wrong person and then keeping them when they don't work out. Studies put the cost of a bad new hire at two to three times their salary, but that is only the tip of the iceberg when you factor in the cost of keeping someone who isn't delivering value to the company

The Hiring Edge is a process that will take the headaches out of hiring and improve your chances of selecting the right person. It operates in four phases and you can use it in any step of the hiring process where you need assistance.

stablish the profile of the ideal candidate
Develop a job description and agree the key accountabilities statement for the position. Create a benchmark for the position showing the behaviors, values and competencies that you require.

evelop and process a pool of qualified candidates

Identify why your people like working for your company and write an advertisement that “sells” your company. Set up a system so that heavy response levels will not stretch your resources.  

rade candidates

Screen applicants by telephone – preferably using an outside professional service. Run reports to ensure that their behaviors, values and core competencies match your requirements.

valuate the most effective match

Create a process where you see candidates three times and develop better interview questions than simply going through the resume. Check references – preferably using an outside professional and always do a background check.

Develop Your Hiring Edge

Each segment of the program is on a fixed rate basis so that you will have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you will get and exactly what it will cost.

Contact Steve Davies at 516 208 2810 if you want to develop your Hiring Edge and hire more efficiently and effectively. 

The Four Critical Steps to Hiring

  • Establish the Profile

    Make sure that you know what talent you are trying to hire. Start from scratch and take time to define the job rather than rushing and simply rehiring the person that you are replacing.    

    The Time Edge



  • Develop the Process

    Successful hiring depends on having real choices. Write advertisements that will attract a large pool of candidates and have a process so that heavy response levels don’t stretch your resources    .

    The Time Edge

  • Grade Candidates

    You can’t afford to rush the selection process. You need to have an effective screening process and evaluate candidate skills carefully in relation to the job profile you established.

    Edge Business Essentials

  • Evaluate and Execute

    It is essential to have a robust interviewing process. You need to have candidates interviewed thoroughly and then check references and do background checks.

    The Alternative Board

The Time Edge

This innovative program will show you how you can change the way you manage your time and reinforce the behaviors necessary to gain you 12 more hours a month.

Noise Reduction

This revolutionary ten month program develops the single most important factor in a CEO's life: a capable and efficient Second in Command.

Business Essentials

Steve Davies presents the essential knowledge that all business owners need in what amounts to a practical 12 month MBA program for business owners.

The Alternative Board

Each month CEOs of similar-sized, non-competing companies meet in small groups to act as each other's Board of Directors and run their businesses better.