The Communication Edge

The biggest single return that most businesses can ever make on any investment they make is in their people. If your payroll is over 50% of revenues, even a small increase in the  productivity of your people (especially knowledge workers) can have a disproportionate impact on your results.

The Communication Edge is a process that will improve communication within your business by helping you and your people understand each other better. This understanding leads to better management, improved teamwork….and allows you to make sure that you have the right people in the right jobs.

Online Assessments

Selected employees complete an online questionnaire and receive a 60 page report that describes their behavioral style and the way they like to complete tasks. It also identifies the elements that drive their interests and personal values and is an illuminating document. Going through the reports helps people understand themselves better and provides management with valuable information for job content and teambuilding.

Dynamic Communication

Sharing these reports with co-workers can change the dynamic in a company. Edge runs a group debriefing session for members of a team where participants learn the highlights of each other's behavioral styles. They gain a better understanding of why they behave as they do and why they communicate more effectively with some people than others. They learn new communication skills and the sharing of behavioral information creates a "buzz".

Develop Your Communication Edge

This process gives your people a language to discuss behavior that dramatically improves team dynamics. Reports and debriefing are on a fixed rate basis so that you know exactly what you will get and exactly what it will cost.

Contact Steve Davies at 516 208 2810 if you want to develop your Communication Edge and run your business more effectively....and more profitably.

Best Regards,

Steve Davies

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