Soft Skills Overview


Behaviors and Motivators are hard to change, and it is more of a question of blending the job to the person rather than the other way around. Soft skills, on the other hand, can be developed if they are properly identified. This suite of assessments will tell you where the blind spots and potential weaknesses can be found and give you the opportunity to develop appropriate skills.


There are three assessments that measure soft skills, and each accomplishes this in completely different ways.

The Acumen Index

The TTI Acumen Index is unique in its ability to assess an individual’s cognitive structure, focusing on three dimensions of thought used in the process of thinking. The result is an accurate ranking of personal talent skills describing individual potential for workplace performance.


An individual’s hierarchy of competencies is key to their success, and knowing
what they are is essential to reaching their goals. This self-assessment measures core competencies in 23 different areas.

Emotional Intelligence

Making better decisions starts with people understanding their Emotional Quotient. The TTI Emotional Quotient report will help identify ways people can take action to accelerate their EQ development and leverage their new knowledge to make better decisions on the job.

The Four Pillars of Behavior

  • Dominance

    The D is challenge-oriented, competitive, highly active, innovative, and tenacious. They are forceful, decisive, direct and independent - bottom-line driven self-starters who value time and are not content with the status quo.  

    The Time Edge



  • Influence

    The I is expressive, enthusiastic, friendly, demonstrative, and talkative. They are optimistic, creative problem solvers who verbalize articulately Outgoing and empathetic, they want to be liked and trusted and make great team players.

    The Time Edge

  • Steadiness

    The S is methodical, reliable, steady and modest. They are loyal, patient, dependable team players and work hard for the right leader. Calming and stabilizing, they are logical, step-wise thinkers who are good at completing tasks. 

    Edge Business Essentials

  • Compliance

    The C is analytical, exacting, careful, and deliberative. They maintain high standards and are , task oriented objective thinkers. They define, clarify, get information, criticize, test, pay attention to small details, and like to follow the rules. 

    The Alternative Board