Recommended Books

The E Myth: The seminal book on running a small business, this is a must read for all business owners - Michael Gerber

Make The Noise Go Away: How to become more effective by building a fully functioning management team  - Larry Linne

Traction: A system for increasing the effectiveness of your company - Gino Wickman

Built To Sell:  Running your business to increase its value when you want to sell it - Peter Warrilow

Neuro-Marketing: Understanding how the brain makes buying decisions - Christophe Morin

No More Excuses: The five accountabilities for personal and organizational growth  - Sam Silverstein

Crush It!: Using social media to build a personal brand  - Gary Vaynerchuck

The Partnership Charter: Avoiding the pitfalls inherent in partnerships - David Gage

Fish!: Creating a dynamic company culture - Harry Paul


Raving Fans: How to create customers for life - Ken Blanchard

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - Patrick Lencioni


Hunting in a Farmers Market: Celebrating the mind of an entrepreneur  - by John Dini




Leadership and Self Deception – The Arbinger Institute 


An excellent “concept” book. Very thoughtful analysis of how we project our emotions onto situations to make what happens somebody else’s responsibility rather than our own.    





Management One On One – Kelly Riggs


A book filled with practical techniques. The premise is simple: employees are your primary asset and your management style should be to have weekly meetings with your direct reports where you coach and mentor them rather than directing them.



Multipliers – Liz Wiseman


Another practical book that talks about two very different leadership styles. Diminishers are the people always looking for credit and sapping talent and commitment. Multipliers are leaders who use their intelligence to amplify the smarts and intelligence of the people around them.      






The Question Behind the Question – John G Miller


Fierce Conversations – Susan Scott


These are two books about how to motivate people by the way you talk to them. Both start with a similar perspective to Liz Wiseman’s book and focus on redirecting conversations away from blame and towards positive outcomes.





Ownership Thinking – Brad Hams


Ownership Thinking shows employers how to get employees to think and act like owners - how to implement a program that turns employees into engaged and active participants. The book is a step-by-step guide to implementing ownership thinking including ensuring employees understand the financials and how they impact them, and providing bonus plans that pay for themselves.