Major Hiring Issues

Scrape the Barnacles

Boat owners will know that you have to scrape the barnacles off the hull of a boat at regular intervals to improve performance. The same is true of a business, and the barnacles are under-performing employees.

Every year, the CEO should look at the employee base, identify who are the least productive and terminate them. In larger companies it is the bottom 10%. In smaller companies, it may be as few as one employee.

The most common objection I hear to this is that it will unsettle the employees because they know that their jobs are not automatically safe. In reality the only ones unsettled are the bottom 10% - and you are on your way to producing a high-performing culture.

The Four Critical Steps to Hiring

  • Establish the Profile

    Make sure that you know what talent you are trying to hire. Start from scratch and take time to define the job rather than rushing and simply rehiring the person that you are replacing.    

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  • Develop the Process

    Successful hiring depends on having real choices. Write advertisements that will attract a large pool of candidates and have a process so that heavy response levels don’t stretch your resources    .

    The Time Edge

  • Grade Candidates

    You can’t afford to rush the selection process. You need to have an effective screening process and evaluate candidate skills carefully in relation to the job profile you established.

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  • Evaluate and Execute

    It is essential to have a robust interviewing process. You need to have candidates interviewed thoroughly and then check references and do background checks.

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