The Workplace Motivators Assessment


When we hire somebody, it is the whole person that shows up. We may think that we have found the right fit in terms of skills and behaviors, but what if the values are inconsistent with the dictates of the job?

What if the salesman you have just hired really wants to be a doctor or if the collector really wants to raise money for charity? While these are extreme examples, people tend to be very unclear about what they really want and apply for jobs that simply do not suit them.

The behaviors that are measured in the DISC system are the “how” of our behaviors. The “why” is found in the beliefs and attitudes that ultimately make up our value system, and to overlook this in the assessment analysis can be disastrous. 


The Workplace Motivators report is a simple tool that enables businesses to look at the value system that will make an applicant successful in a particular position. By examining the values held by the individual and contrasting them with the values of the position and the organization, significant mistakes can be eliminated.  


Like DISC, the tool takes ten minutes to complete on-line and delivers a personalized report to the recipient. The assessment questionnaire comprises 12 categories of six statements each that must be ranked in order and that will define personal interests. For example under “personal motivators for me” the following choices are offered:

  • Being a leader
  • Continuing education
  • Being a good citizen
  • Helping others
  • Increasing my net worth
  • Arts/crafts

Inevitably, different people have a wide variety of different opinions about the rankings and the model produces an analysis of their values. By using this tool, the value system of existing employees can be better understood, while prospective candidates can be assessed more effectively.

The Four Pillars of Behavior

  • Dominance

    The D is challenge-oriented, competitive, highly active, innovative, and tenacious. They are forceful, decisive, direct and independent - bottom-line driven self-starters who value time and are not content with the status quo.  

    The Time Edge



  • Influence

    The I is expressive, enthusiastic, friendly, demonstrative, and talkative. They are optimistic, creative problem solvers who verbalize articulately Outgoing and empathetic, they want to be liked and trusted and make great team players.

    The Time Edge

  • Steadiness

    The S is methodical, reliable, steady and modest. They are loyal, patient, dependable team players and work hard for the right leader. Calming and stabilizing, they are logical, step-wise thinkers who are good at completing tasks. 

    Edge Business Essentials

  • Compliance

    The C is analytical, exacting, careful, and deliberative. They maintain high standards and are , task oriented objective thinkers. They define, clarify, get information, criticize, test, pay attention to small details, and like to follow the rules. 

    The Alternative Board