Assessment Overview


Edge Initiatives offers The Performance Edge  which has, as its backbone, a suite of assessment tools developed by Target Training International (TTI). These tools can be taken quickly and effectively on-line and once the questionnaires are completed, a comprehensive report is delivered that doesn’t need a consulting fee to understand.   

These assessments include instruments that allow managers to understand more clearly: 

  • The styles that dictate the way people behave (DISC) 
  • The underlying values that drive behaviors (Motivators)
  • The skills that identify potential (Acumen, and Emotional Intelligence)

Once people understand the way in which people like to behave, it makes effective communication considerably easier; comprehending the different value drivers makes the differences between people within the workforce much easier to understand and manage. In many ways the most powerful of all is the understanding of the individual potential for workplace performance, and managers use this instrument to evaluate potential and coach performance improvements.
These tools will sharpen the performance of an organization, and can be used equally effectively  in hiring, managing, team building and performance improvement. Whatever the activity, those who understand the behaviors of the people with whom they interact and the best way to communicate with them will become more effective and more successful.

Edge has developed The Hiring Edge to support the use of assessments in creating a more effective hiring process. The key tool in this process is the TTI Job Matching Tool, which allows managers to identify the behaviors, talents and individual potential needed to be successful in a particular job. By using this instrument, it makes it possible to identify the candidates that will best fit the job for which they are being interviewed and the job matching tool takes much of the guesswork out of the hiring decision.

The Four Pillars of Behavior

  • Dominance

    The D is challenge-oriented, competitive, highly active, innovative, and tenacious. They are forceful, decisive, direct and independent - bottom-line driven self-starters who value time and are not content with the status quo.  

    The Time Edge



  • Influence

    The I is expressive, enthusiastic, friendly, demonstrative, and talkative. They are optimistic, creative problem solvers who verbalize articulately Outgoing and empathetic, they want to be liked and trusted and make great team players.

    The Time Edge

  • Steadiness

    The S is methodical, reliable, steady and modest. They are loyal, patient, dependable team players and work hard for the right leader. Calming and stabilizing, they are logical, step-wise thinkers who are good at completing tasks. 

    Edge Business Essentials

  • Compliance

    The C is analytical, exacting, careful, and deliberative. They maintain high standards and are , task oriented objective thinkers. They define, clarify, get information, criticize, test, pay attention to small details, and like to follow the rules. 

    The Alternative Board